Adam Birch, a young and talented portrait painter, based in Shrewsbury, UK and a Fine Arts graduate of Wolverhampton University has received a number of commissions from me in a variety of capacities over the past ten years. His work is of a very high quality and one can see a steady evolution in his style and in the ambition of projects which he is willing to undertake.

In my time as parish priest at St. Peter & St. Paul, Wolverhampton, Adam Birch provided to the parish portraits (in sepia) of Pope John Paul II and Archbishop Vincent Nichols. Later, in 2005, he made a very fine portrait of Pope Benedict XVI (in colour), which was user later that year on the cover of the Archdiocese of Birmingham Directory.

Adam Birch received a commission from the Trustees of teh Wolverhampton University Chaplaincy to do a portrait of the retiring Senior Chaplain, the Reverend Geoffrey Wynne, and a commission from the St. Edmund's Catholic Secondary school to provide a portrait of the retired Head Teacher, John Sheppey. Both portraits were greatly appreciated.

On 14 November Adam Birch was here in Brussels for the presentation of a series of eight portraits of the Popes and Bishop Presidents of COMECE, which has existed since 1980, on the occasion of the Plenary Meeting of the COMECE bishops. His work won high praise and is now exposed permanently in the main reception area of the COMECE Secretariat here in Brussels.

Adam Birch has a particular talent for ecclesiastical portraiture. Some of his work displayed on his website will testify to this face. I can only say that is portraits of the recent popes and a number of Catholic bishops demonstrate an especial aptitude for this form of portraiture and I thoroughly recommend Adam Birch for such commissions.

Father Patric H. Daly
COMECE General Secretary